Ramen Socks


Necessity is the mother of invention, thus, as sad as it may be, food shortage was always a spark for creativity and the rise of new delicious dishes. Ramen is one of them. It’s believed to have been born in the late 19th century in Yokohama Chinatown. Reminiscent of southern Chinese noodle dishes, it gained popularity during WWII, because of its simplicity: hot water, noodles, good seasoning and a nice touch like a pork bone broth were enough to make a tasty and comfortable meal from virtually nothing.
Instant noodles boosted Ramen popularity from the 50’s on, and now there’s an immense variety of versions to suit your taste.

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36 - 40

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80% šukuotinė medvilnė; 17% poliamidas; 3% elastanas