Flower Still Life


Another collaboration with Philadelphia Museum of Art!

Tiptoe through the daylilies, irises. lilacs, morning glories, nasturtiums, roses and tulips…in socks inspired by artist Severin Roesen’s Still Life with Bird’s Nest from our American Art collection. A lavish depiction of flowers crowd this arrangement of blooms from all seasons.

Severin Roesen’s lavish tabletop array is crowded with blooms from all seasons–topped by a crown imperial and including lilacs, poppies, daylilies, tulips, irises, roses, morning glories, and nasturtiums, among others–and reflects the mid-nineteenth-century American taste for scenes of natural bounty. Strong, dense flower forms at the brightly lit center balance with more sinuous, silhouetted stems that reach outward to the edges of the composition.
Roesen simultaneously elevated still life painting in America and charted a new direction for its practice.

(text courtesy of Philadelphia Museum of Art)

Artist: Severin Roesen

Created: 1853

Dimensions (cm): 101.6 × 81.3

Format: Oil on canvas

Location: Philadelphia Museum of Art

Pasirinkite dydį:

36 - 40
41 - 46

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