Fish Magic


Artist: Paul Klee

Created: 1925

Dimensions (cm): 77.2 × 98.4

Format: oil and watercolour on canvas on panel

Location: Philadelphia Museum of Art

Paul Klee’s Fish Magic’s alluring scene with vibrant colour invites a careful gaze to all elements and how they fuse together in an enchanting message. Klee’s artistic genius is in full display in one of the painter’s most famous works.

Designed in collaboration with the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

“In Fish Magic, Paul Klee creates a magical realm where the aquatic, the celestial, and the earthly intermingle. A delicate black surface covers an underlayer of colors, which the artist revealed by scratching and scrawling designs in the black paint. At the center of the painting, a square of muslin is glued onto the canvas. A long diagonal line reaching to the top of the clock tower is poised as if to whisk off this subtle curtain.”
– Philadelphia Museum

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36 - 40
41 - 46

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