Caravaggio – Medusa


Artist: Caravaggio

Created: 1597

Dimensions (cm): 60 x 55

Format: Oil on canvas mounted on wood

Location: Uffizi, Florence

Caravaggio is known for his unique fascination with violence and realism. By the time he started achieving success as an artist, he even encountered some run-ins with the law. After visiting Caravaggio’s studio and seeing the first version of the Medusa, The Metula painting (smaller than its second and only version), the Medici family’s agent commissioned this piece to symbolise the Grand Duke of Tuscany’s courage.

Both pieces were executed in two consecutive years, both portraying Caravaggio as Medusa: a woman with snake hair who turned people to stone by looking at them; with a severed head and shocked eyes she thought of herself as invincible.

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